We had the hummus and baba plate and everything was so fresh and delicious. The chicken shawarma sandwich was outstanding.  Would go back again and again~Pam S
Having never tried Middle Eastern food I was very nervous, but thought hey I am on vacation, why not?! Best decision I made all week!! It was fabulous!! You do not come here for the decor, you come here for the food and service. From the moment I walked in Robin was there to answer any questions I had (which was a lot!) and check on us. He recommended the chicken kabob and I was glad I listened. The chicken was cooked perfectly and was bursting with flavor. My husband ordered the Sahara gyro which had lamb, chicken, and beef with veggies and a yogurt spread. It was delicious too!! To complete a great lunch we ordered the baklava.. Having made baklava and tried it at numerous places I can truly say this is the best I have ever had. It had crushed pistachios on top!!!! I came back after shopping and ordered 4 more to take back to the hotel and home to Texas!!

Don't let the simple interior of this place fool you, this is some of the best food I have ever had. The people here are extremely friendly and helpful. They even gave us complimentary hot tea to go with the baklava!! Wish they would open one of these in East Texas!!.~Lori L
I'm a huge fan of fattoush salads, so I jumped at the chance to grab a quick lunch before our arcade trip. The place wasn't very busy (it was a Wednesday afternoon), and we were seating and served quickly. My food was delisious, as was my husbands (he got the lamb gyro). They offered us to-go cups for our coffee, but instead gave me a fresh cup to go, which was really nice.
My salad had pickled turnips on it, which I've never had on a fattoush before, but they added to the taste, and I was very pleased.~Suze A

Great service and good food was not disappointed!

~Joe H